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Redefining Cybersecurity | Securing Your Company’s Points of Entry 24/7
There is growing concern over the increase in cyber-attacks against SMEs. They are now three times more likely to be preyed upon than larger businesses, according to recent reports from Barracuda Networks*.

In this situation, adopting a proactive strategy will help bolster your security posture and minimize the impacts of such an attack. The Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution is a major advantage that can help protect your most valuable assets by:

  • monitoring your endpoints
  • securing your business’ entry points
  • protecting all your devices such as workstations, laptops and servers

Our cybersecurity experts, in addition to advising you on securing your access points, demonstrate this fully managed solution.

This webinar is the first in the Redefining Cybersecurity series, made up of six meetings aimed at proposing cybersecurity solutions that are easy and quick to implement for the sustainability of your business. Stay tuned!

*This event is presented in French.
*Barracuda Networks is the worldwide leader in Security, Application Delivery and Data Protection Solutions.