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Cybersecurity Awareness Month October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month—a time for reminding organizations that strengthening their security posture is no longer an option, but an obligation if they are to grow and survive.

WEBINAR | October 31, 2023

Points to Remember

Guillaume Caron will present the main threats affecting poorly protected organizations and the devastating consequences.

Bill 25 On September 22, 2023, the new provisions of Bill 25 come into effect, and these pose significant challenges for Quebec businesses.

WEBINAR | September 28, 2022

Webinar for SMEs

Four Steps to Implement a Governance Program in Accordance With the New Legal Requirements
WEBINAR | September 29, 2022

Webinar for Public Services

Impacts of Bill 25 on Quebec Public Bodies: Data Governance Issues and Solutions

Redefining Cybersecurity This series, made up of six meetings, aims at proposing cybersecurity solutions that are easy and quick to implement in 2022.

WEBINAR | January 26, 2023

Setting up a cybersecurity program

85% of Canadian organizations were victims of a cyberattack in 2021, compared to 78% in 2020.
According to IBM’s Cybersecurity Index, human error is involved in more than 90% of incidents.
The increase in cyberattacks within SMEs underscores the importance of adopting comprehensive information security protection.
Every day, the average worker receives about 121 emails and sends 40.
Emails and attachments are one of the most common ways for cybercriminals...
SMEs are now three times more likely to be preyed upon than larger businesses.