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Redefining Cybersecurity | Advanced Email Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Emails are the most commonly used method of communication among all the tools available, particularly in a professional setting. Every day, the average worker receives about 121 emails and sends 40. It’s one of the most exploited entry points for cyber hackers.

Multi-layered protection provides rapid prevention and interception of threats across all channels, your clients are protected and you improve their business security by detecting and thwarting any attack long before it reaches end users.

In this webinar, our cybersecurity experts present and demonstrate “Perception Point”, a solution completely managed by VARS that can be deployed in a few clicks for instant protection against phishing attacks and other email threats.

This is the third in the Redefining Cybersecurity webinar series, consisting of six meetings to propose quick and easy cybersecurity solutions for your organization. Stay tuned!

*This webinar is presented in French.